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Reserve Officer Program

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The Reserve Officer Program of the Hamlet Police Department was created to provide a Reserve Force or Supplemental Unit for Duty Assignments as needed by the Marshal of the Hamlet Police Department. It provides a Volunteer Force or Supplemental Unit in the event of an emergency situation requiring additional Police manpower above and beyond the regular Hamlet Police Force.
They're three levels of the Reserve Program, Auxiliary, Reserve Class 2 and Reserve Class 1.
There's mandatory training required for each level before you move up to the highest level being a Reserve Officer Class 1.

Hamlet police Department is always taking applications for reserve applicants. If you are interested in our program contact a officer for a application and return it fully filled out. Application will be reviewed and kept on file intil hireing process is conducted.

 General Requirements for Appointment

Must be 21 years old prior to appointment

 Must have a High School Diploma or GED

 Must have a valid Indiana Drivers License

Must be a resident of Starke County or one of its neighboring counties in Indiana

Never been convicted of a Felony

Must have a hand gun permit

 Must comply with all Hamlet Police Department Standard Operation Procedures

Must maintain an Active Member Status

 Training – Auxiliary

After completing the application process and approved by the Hamlet Town Marshal the

Reserve will begin the necessary training described below and be known as an Auxiliary Reserve.

During the Auxiliary Class, Auxiliary Reserves will not receive a badge or I.D. Auxiliary Reserves are

not allowed to wear any piece of clothing that has police on it or carry a gun until the 40 Hour Pre-

Basic Course is complete. Auxiliary Reserves must complete the following training requirements

before moving on to the next level.

Must complete the 40 Hour Pre-Basic Course

100 total hours of documented ride time with an approved Officer

After completing the above training the Reserve may be signed off by the Hamlet Town

Marshal and moved up to the next class.

Training – Reserve Class 2

After completing the Auxiliary Reserve Class, Reserves will be issued a badge and ID from the

Hamlet Town Marshal and promoted to Reserve Class 2. Reserves will be required to be in full

uniform as stated in SOP's. The following training must be completed before moving to the next level.

400 total hours of documented ride time with an approved Officer

a.) The first 150 hours will be with an approved Officer.

b.) The next 150 hours will be with an approved Officer. The ride time will be more hands

on as the Reserve learns proper radio and equipment use. The Reserve will more involved

than at the Auxiliary Class.

c.) The last 100 hours will be operating the vehicle with an approved Officer. The Reserve

will start answering calls and doing traffic stops on their own but with an approved Officer

in the vehicle.

Must pass a test covering the following areas:

- Emergency Vehicle Operations

- Vehicle and Felony Stops

- Police Radio Operations and Communication Procedures

- Must pass PT exit standards

8 hours of final ride time with the Hamlet Town Marshal

After completing at the above training the Reserve may be signed off by the Hamlet Town

Marshal and moved up to the final class.

Reserve Officer Class 1

A Reserve Officer Class 1 is allowed to patrol on their own. They must follow all of the

departments SOP's and present themselves in a professional way. They must maintain an Active

Member Status.






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