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Crime Prevention

Home Safety Tips

Our Homes can never be 100% safe. We could bar our doors and windows. Put security cameras at all points of entry, and hire a full time guard to watch all the cameras. But the fact is, if someone wants to enter your house they will find a way inside. What can you do? Slow them down! Every home has the means of slowing down a crook, even without the cameras.

Most commonly, burglaries are crimes of opportunity. An open garage door, an accumulation of newspapers or darkened houses in the early evening are open invitations to a would-be burglar. If unattended, keep your garage doors closed. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and put a timer on an interior light if you are going to be away. And don't forget to use double key deadbolts on your exterior doors.

Remember to report all suspicious activity, and if it can be done safely, record license plates of suspicious vehicles that you may see that do not appear to "belong" in the area.

Here's some tips:

  • Lock all doors, windows and gates! If you have locks, make sure they are the right type for the doors placement. Make sure all your windows have window locks. If you have a rear gate to your backyard, make sure to put a lock on it...!
  • Keep your garage door closed!
  • Light up your property! Put up motion detector lights around your doors (front & Rear). Make sure your backyard is well lit at night.
  • Neighbors work with your neighbors to watch the alley during the day & night.
  • Deliveries As an example, get with your bottled water man and ask him to hide the bottle out of view. Behind a bush, or house, etc. in this case. Or get with a neighbor and have the water delivered there if they are home during the times the water is delivered. Same applies to package deliveries, especially if you frequently recieve deliveries from UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed back Keep all your trees trimmed up four feet from the ground. This way no one can hide and your neighbors can keep an eye on your front door and windows.
  • Alarm Signs Put the alarm signs where everyone can see them. People walking to your front door should notice the sign without searching. If the crook doesn't see the sign he may break a window to get inside. Once the alarm goes off he may still enter and grab something quick. Hey, he already broke the window, why not? If he sees a sign after approaching your home, he may just walk away and save himself the hassle.

Personal Safety Tips

Avoid being attacked!

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be alert to suspicious persons or vehicles (if occupied)
  • Ask for an escort when walking to your car at night

If Attacked:

  • Throw the attacker off guard - strike back fast and aim for vital areas like the eyes and throat to make it hurt.
  • If there are people nearby, scream and draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Screaming 'FIRE' will usually attract attention.
  • Remember, your common sense is your best weapon.

For Children:

Outline what your child should do if they become separated from you. If separated while shopping, the child should not look for you but go immediately to the nearest checkout counter and ask a clerk for assistance. Tell them never to go to the parking lot.

  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle.
  • Advise your child to walk and play with other children if you are not around.
  • Be sure your child's school or daycare center will not release them to anyone but you or someone designated by you. Set a code word with your child to be used as a signal if you send an unfamiliar adult to pick them up.
  • Tell your child that no one has the right to touch them or make them feel uncomfortable or ask them to keep a secret from you.
  • Report to the police any incident where a stranger tries to join in children's play, offers your child money or gifts, asks your child to go any place with him or her, or tries to talk to or touch your child.

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